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Why We Are The Number One Movers in Manchester – AMS Removals!

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plan your house moves efficiently

Welcome to another blog from expert movers in Manchester – AMS Removals.

If you have read up on our first blog, you will know that AMS Removals are expert movers in Manchester that provide commercial and residential moving services in the Manchester area and beyond.

If you are a homeowner, or a businessowner considering using our services and missed our first blog, be sure to have a quick read about why we are expert movers in Manchester.

When looking for professional movers in Manchester, you will find many but choosing the right one is not an easy task. You will have to make sure that you choose one which is among the most reliable, trustworthy movers in Manchester to avoid being disappointed.

Today, we will discuss one of the most important and significant aspects when you are moving houses, commercial office removals, or any other moving service big or small.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving from one property to another? Packing!

Moving is a stressful task and even more dreadful is packing before you begin your move. We will show you how you can use our expert movers in Manchester to minimise your stress and make your move a smooth, and hassle-free process.

PACKING Service by Expert Movers in Manchester

One of the most crucial aspects of moving is of course the packing that comes before.

As is the case most times, this is when we tend to not have enough time to put our things together so that they can safely transported elsewhere. You may or may not have the time to actually sit down and spend days packing your things. Another aspect is whether or not you have the equipment and know-how to safely pack things which can get easily damaged such as mirrors, dressers, tables, sensitive things like TVs, chandeliers, etc.

It is not uncommon to get help from family, friends, and even our children to help us pack. Think of AMS Removals as an expert helper who know exactly how to pack certain things and leave the rest to you. You can easily get help to put clothes and other items in big sturdy boxes but have the experts take care of things which require expertise when it comes to packing.

Here at AMS Removals, would be happy to help you with our professional packing service as it goes hand in hand with our expert movers in Manchester services. We will use only the highest quality of packing materials and will not cut corners when it comes to the safety of your furniture and belongings. We use purpose built packing materials and have hanging garment boxes and mattress protectors, if you need.

While we are happy to offer our professional packing service to both residential and commercial customers, you are the best person to make the call about whether or not you need it. We offer this service in an effort to make your moving day go smoothly and without any unexpected hiccups. We make it our priority to complete packing the day before your removal to make sure your move day is as straightforward as possible.

In addition to this, when unloading your items in your new location, we select a designated area to unload all boxes to make sure that your house is freely accessible. We can even setup your important furniture such as beds, etc. to make sure your first night is not as rough as you would expect it to be. All our services are tailored to make things as easy and stress free for you as possible.

When opting for our packing service, you can either choose to get boxes and other materials from us, or you can provide us with all packing materials. We offer large, heavy duty removals boxes at discounted rates, through our partner firm:

We recommend the “Bericap”, “Astraplastique” and “Crown” brand Boxes. In spite of the great rates on packing materials here, you may still find it is more efficient to get us to do the packing service for you!

MAN AND VAN Service From Expert Movers In Manchester

If you are not in need of the full scale moving and packing service and simply need a man and van Manchester service, AMS Removals can do that for you as well!

The man and van service are ideal for budget movers who do not have too many items to move other than the basics such as flats, or house partners with a bed, table, tv, etc. Man and van service in the Greater Manchester area is most popular and because of this, we offer not just A man and A van service, rather you can get 1, 2 or 3 men and van service for a very affordable price from AMS removals such as:

  • £35 per hour for 1 man and van service
  • £50 per hour for 2 men and van service
  • £65 per hour for 3 men and van service

AMS Removals vans are big and spacious and they can get through tight driveways. Giving you these options, makes it easier for you to get professional service rather than be disadvantaged by just 1 man and van service. So, you choose based on your exact needs and not be forced to stick with an unwanted service.

If you require a man and van service at a great affordable price from AMS Removals then, please fill out the form with the information and we will help you!

Contact Us By Phone 07515651871 or Email Now!

*Please be advised that additional fuel costs, etc. may be added depending on the specific location.

We even have special rates and offers for students who are in need of expert movers in Manchester, short notice movers, even on the same day! We also have several regular routes, over which we can offer a backload service as needed.

Why We Are The #1 Movers Manchester Service Providers

AMS Removals continues to make its work speak for itself among our clients. If you have missed reading upon our first blog where we discuss our status thoroughly in the movers Manchester industry, make sure you do it at your earliest convenience.

In the blog you will see that we have covered two of our main services which are house moves in Manchester and office moves in Manchester. These are our primary services and we are experts in providing these services in the Manchester and beyond area.

Furthermore, we have covered some essential tips for house moves in Manchester which will make your move as smooth as you never imagined it to be. You will also find our movers in Manchester prices to be highly competitive, affordable and worth every penny!

As a highlight you will find us to be the most reliable, expert choice due to the following:

be happy with house moves
  • We work NOT on our own time, but at the time & date which is most suited to your needs
  • We provide complete services from packing your belongings, moving them safely regardless of the distance to unpacking at your new house or office
  • We can do simple things like pick up the boxes and deliver to the preferred address
  • We can also dismantle your furniture and then assemble it again at the new place
  • Our staff are experts, experienced, skilled and fully trained & qualified
  • We value our customer service skills to make sure they are happy with their move
  • We use modern tools which are safe and made for purpose to make moves efficient
  • We are insured with Goods in Transit, Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance
  • We are registered as a Limited Company with Companies House, and registered for VAT with HMRC

Final Thoughts

For your own safety and a hassle-free house or office move, you must always make sure that they are reputed movers in Manchester service provider. Not just that, they must have a good reputation in terms of the clients and their reviews.

Today most of us are expert internet users and we always pursue reviews everywhere to make sure we are buying the right product, or using the right service provider, etc. So, be sure to check out our removal reviews.

You will always find our staff to be very helpful with lots of tips and advice. We will make sure all aspects of the house moving process is done well and you will find us to be effective – not convinced?

Talk to an expert 07515651871 right now, we are available 24/7!

Find out more about our expert movers in Manchester using our Frequently Asked Questions section, where you can get answer to all our FAQs in the house moves & office moves in Manchester industry.

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