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The Number One Movers in Manchester – AMS Removals!

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AMS Removals - reliable movers in Manchester

Are you looking for professional movers in Manchester?

AMS Removals are expert movers in Manchester that provide commercial and residential moving services in the Manchester area and beyond. Whether you are homeowner, or a businessowner, both house moves and office removals are tough tasks which take a lot of time and effort.

Movers in Manchester is not tough to find, however finding a reliable, trustworthy provider is. We have built a large clientele consisting of both residential services as well as commercial or corporate clients for frequent services.

Moving with a professional company or using a man with van is a stressful process and we work in way by minimising the problems and making it a smooth, and hassle-free process for you.

Not just our operating hours, or committed work hours, we tailor HOW we provide your movers Manchester services to your unique needs. Whether it is a small house, accommodation with small passageway, tight driveway, etc we adjust our working methods to suit your exact requirements.

Our Range Of Movers in Manchester Services

Let’s run through the range of professional movers’ services that AMS Removals has to provide for clients. We don’t just have a few services, but a wide range of services to suit the specific requirements that every client has for their specific property or move.

Let’s discuss each of our services in detail to find out how we will be the most suitable movers in Manchester and beyond:

HOUSE MOVES in Manchester

AMS Removals offers house moves in and beyond the Manchester area for houses and residences of all shapes and sizes!

Regardless of whether you need to move out of a 2 bed room apartment in to a 6-bedroom house, or from a house to tiny flat – you can rely on our expert movers in Manchester. Whether you are moving from Manchester to the countryside or across the country, you will find our service to be reliable and worthy of praise.

Essential Tips for House Moves in Manchester

  • Set an exact date for your moving so that you can prepare yourself accordingly with a set time, packing materials such as strong high-quality boxes, etc. – of course if you want to use professional packing services, then you can arrange that with AMS Removals or with any other expert movers in Manchester that offer packing service
  • It always best to start packing early and not to delay things for later. Tasks will add up before you know it and you will be left with too much to do with little or no time left to do it in
  • Although it may be difficult to get rid of any of your belongings, get this difficult task out of the way by sorting through what to keep and what to recycle, or give away. There is no point in taking belongings that you will not keep to your new place of residence by paying professional movers in Manchester
  • Make sure you take appropriate measures based on the unique requirements of each of your possessions such as bubble wrap for fragile items, clear markings for fragile objects or furniture such as glass, or other sensitive materials
  • Make sure you agree with your chosen movers in Manchester as to whether they will pick up unboxed items or not
  • The day you are moving take the latest readings from all your utilities meters such as electricity, gas and water so that you can inform your supplies accordingly

Just wait for our expert movers in Manchester to come and pick up your belongings to transport them safely using our branded AMS Removals vans. Be assured that when you will be unboxing in your new home, all your possessions will be in the same condition as they were in your old residence.

OFFICE MOVES in Manchester

We have an extremely experienced, skilled and trusted team of experts to make sure that all types of office removals are taken care of with their due importance!

We have a broad list of corporate clients and we have retained them due to our dedication and focus on doing things right. We are efficient in quickly moving all of your office equipment such as photocopiers, entire IT servers and other complex communicational equipment & systems.

AMS Removals completely understands that a commercial business will have specific and complex requirements for movers in Manchester. We make sure each of your concerns are accordingly addressed and that the downtime to your business is the lowest in terms of the office move. We will guarantee the most appropriate solution for a completely hassle-free service. Whether it is complex office moves, or simple man and van service, we have got your covered.

We rely on satisfying our clients to get recommendations for more work. We ensure that our clients will be happy with our competitive quotes as well as our helpful expert advice. The moving process we follow is what we do and value each and every one of your possessions to get them to your new place of residence without damage to your property or possessions.

Here at AMS Removals, we understand the value of your possessions are not just the monetary value but also information which is unique to you. We will treat each item with the same level of care whether your business is moving over 200 miles or just down the block.

Our Movers in Manchester Prices

Each and every house move or office removal is different, and we will give you an exact, personalised and competitive quote for your particular move. We do not stick to a particular fixed price strategy for our movers Manchester services, rather we offer the best price based on your exact moving requirement.

Of course, it is not possible to offer a certain quote without visiting your home or office, but what sets us apart is that our prices are fair and competitive. We will give you a fixed price quote, so if you prefer to get prices elsewhere, you can do so and get back to us.

However, if you want to obtain a free, no obligation estimate, please email the following information
to our official email:

  1. The date of the move and whether or not you will be buying and selling the properties on the same day
  2. Let us know if you need a quote for our professional packing service or if you will be packing your own belongings
    • Also, if you will provide us with packing materials or not?
  3. The collection and delivery addresses in full with specifics such as if there is an elevator, or access which will make it easier for us for example: 2nd floor flat 4 using lift 3, etc.
  4. Is there a parking lot access? Or, can we use our moving van or is there a tight access driveway, etc.
  5. Please provide a list of as many of your items you will need to move as possible

Or, you can simply pick up your phone and give us a quick call on 07515651871 for an estimated price right now!

Please note that the quotes offered by phone is only to be treated as an initial quote or estimate and not a fixed price. Accepting or using our services means that you have read and agreed to all our Terms and Conditions which are for our mutual safety.

Why Choose Us For Movers Manchester Services

So, at the end of the day, why should you choose AMS Removals or trust us to be your expert movers in Manchester?

Well, we put your needs first. Yes, we are providing a service for a fee but at the heart of it all, it is your valuable possessions which you are trusting us with and we deliver on your trust with precision. You can even rely on us for the safe disassembly of your furniture and then the proper assembly at your new place of residence.

getting a new home easier with movers in Manchester

At AMS Removals, we have taken our time and spent our resources to make sure we have an expert team of expert movers in Manchester made up of individuals who are skilled, trained, experienced, polite and social. We don’t just have a team of individuals, rather they are equipped with modern-day tools to make sure all services are offered to the highest of modern-day standards.

Final Thoughts

AMS Removals is insured with Goods in Transit, Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance. So, when you choose to work with us, you will have complete peace of mind when using our service.

We don’t only claim to be expert movers in Manchester and beyond, rather we are a reputable and established company. AMS Removals is registered as a Limited Company with Companies House and registered for VAT with HMRC.

If you are ready to use our services, then call and speak to our expert movers in Manchester on 07515651871 – you will find us available 24/7!

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