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Moving Tips & Advice From The Number One Movers in Manchester – AMS Removals!

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Welcome to another expert advice blog from the number one movers in Manchester – AMS Removals!

Today, we will discuss some of most important and significant aspects of preparing and planning your actual move. Moving is a very time consuming, exhausting and overall stressful task. We all know this very well. The reason you want to use expert movers in Manchester is to minimise your stress and make it easy for you.

We hope to make your move less stressful than it has to be by sharing some very important information which you will easily remember as moving tips or advice. We know that what we tell you will help to plan your move better.

Complete Moving Tips & Advice For Movers In Manchester

movers in Manchester tips

When moving or selecting movers in Manchester service providers, one of the most crucial aspects is the packing.

Let’s discuss our top tips in moving, packing and all that is related to ensuring the best movers in Manchester and beyond areas:

  • Use proper moving materials such as cartons, boxes, bubble wrap, good quality tape and ensure the weight of each box is proportionate to its size
  • Consider the safety of the objects you are putting in the boxes by thinking about the storage in the van, lifting and carrying, etc.
  • Keep your kids and pets out of the way of moving materials and movers in Manchester staff, and also during the packing stage as you want to make sure their safety is ensured
  • When dismantling furniture, be sure to put all screws and little parts safely in one place using individual clearly marked envelopes or bags to make sure you can get them assembled again at your new home
  • Clearly mark boxes with fragile items such as glass, china, liquid, or hazardous cleaning materials, etc. so that they can be handled with care during moving, carrying and storage
  • Be sure not too overload a box with many little yet heavy items. Some items take up less space but are heavy making it difficult to move the box around when completely full; so, avoid filling it over 30 KGs for larger boxes
  • Packing and wrapping may take you much longer than you expect it to; so, plan ahead and have it all ready within a particular time so that you do not miss the deadline
  • It is best if you can empty out cupboards and other storage furniture making it easier to move the furniture itself. Also, this will make sure your furniture is not damaged.
  • Tape all boxes and be sure to use good quality, thick, sturdy, carton boxes

The Countdown For Movers In Manchester Begins

You should not delay in booking a date for the most affordable and reliable movers in Manchester services. Booking a date allows you to make sure you have a set deadline to work towards. During the booking be sure to provide all necessary details such as a mobile contact number and a backup contact number along with the complete pickup and delivery addresses.

Be sure to inform your movers in Manchester service provider of assistance or any special needs for the day. For example, you can mention things like if there is parking problem, awkward lift access, or other types of concerns in any of the pickup or the delivery locations.

It is good idea to work like a business and make a complete inventory of all your belongings. This is will ensure you know exactly what you have, maybe leave some things behind, or even donate some things and finally have a final list of things which should be available in your new home.

You should organise all your carton boxes categorically and numerically. For example, you may have 10 boxes in the kitchen category, 14 in the master bedroom category, 7 in the dining space category, etc. This will not only make packing easier, but also the transport and delivery, leading up to the unpacking.

Keep an emergency access box or boxes of belongings such as first aid kit, medicines, tea or coffee related items, paper cups, plates, napkins, etc. This will allow you to have quick access to things that you cannot find alternatives to during the move.

The Week Of The Move

Be sure to get the ball rolling on making sure all your mails are redirected at the Post Office. Cancel or change any expected deliveries coming to your old address. Make sure your utilities are aware of your move day so that you are not billed for any time after you move away.

Prepare your kitchen in terms of your refrigerator to defrost any frozen items that will need to be moved. If you have pets, arrange for their foods and essentials. If you have toddlers or young kids, arrange for babysitters or other necessary arrangements before movers in Manchester removal staff are in front of you.

As for the new place you are moving into, check in with carpeting and painting etc. to make sure they are on schedule and will be finished before the big move day.

The Day Before Movers in Manchester Arrive At Your Doorstep

Be sure to pack everything except the things you may need overnight and during the day. Instead of planning a normal day, plan a picnic or day out for the moving day. This means arrange for packed lunch, drinks, etc.

Set aside cash for any expenses – last thing you want is to look for an ATM during the day of your move. Keep all necessary documents that you will need during the move together and easily accessible.

The Day Of The Move

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While it may seem like you have everything pretty well checked up and are ready to go for it, it is best to work with a check list. The following are just some of the most essential things you want to ensure:

  • Bedding & Pyjamas to be packed and kept within sight
  • Pack washing items toiletries
  • Make sure you have taken down all your curtains, rugs, carpets, lights, etc. which are not part of your sale or if you own them
  • Turn off & unplug all electronic & gas appliances
  • Make sure your boiler/central heating, fireplaces, etc. are off
  • Turn off water & take the latest reading on all meters such as gas, electric, water, etc.
  • Make sure all doors & windows are secured and locked
  • Be sure to leave behind keys as per your arrangement
  • Exchange mobile numbers with moving van

Finally, you should make sure that you have taken care of Post Office redirections for your mail and all your subscriptions such as home phone, internet, TV, magazine/newspaper, etc. have all been cancelled or move to your new address.

You are now ready!

Upon Arrival To Your New Location: Unloading

When the movers in Manchester removal van arrives at your new home (or office location) there are quite a few things that could be done to avoid a potentially horrible unpacking for you later on.

During the unloading stage of your move from the van into your new home, it is most recommended to make sure you know where things are going rather than telling us “Just put it around there!”. This is because, if the right furniture goes to the right rooms or even conveniently placed closest to it, it will make your unpacking quite easy.

A lot of times you may be planning on carpeting, painting, etc. which is why you may not want it in the particular room itself. You don’t your kitchen appliances to be kept in the bed room or even the front room, you want it as close to the kitchen as possible if not IN the kitchen itself.

Similarly, think about your cutlery or china, you want those clearly marked boxes to be placed closer to your kitchen than your bedrooms.

Do not every think (no matter how hard it is to control your urge) that you will do it all at once. Unloading needs to be done in a day not UNPACKING!

Unpacking should take you much longer a week or even a month if necessary.

Unpacking: Where Should You Start?

Always consider unpacking one room at a time. If you have kids, get them to sort out their things in their own rooms even then you may need to most of the work so it is best to go room by room.

It is a rule of thumb to start with the kitchen because you will need to eat as soon and as frequently as possible. So, make sure things like the fridge, microwave, kettle, and all other basics likes plates and cutlery are sorted as a priority.

Movers Manchester

Then, you should focus on making sure that your bathrooms are ready – or at least 1 is fully ready. So, everything from toiletries to cleaning supplies because you will want to clean yourself up after hectic days of moving, unloading and unpacking.

Then, of course your bedroom – which you can take your personal time as long as the bed is ready for you to get a good night’s sleep!

Final Thoughts For Working With The Best Movers In Manchester

Finally, it’s all done!

Now you can rest assured that you have done everything according to a solid plan which should ensure that you have a move without any hitches by expert movers in Manchester. If there is a particular hitch that you think we didn’t cover, then call and ask us now – and we will get back to you!

Remember to stay calm, cool and collected on the day of your move. Let all things flow like a breeze and even if something goes wrong be sure to deal with it in a minimal fuss way. For everything else – just leave it to the experts at AMS Removals.

Be sure to check out our removal reviews to get reassurance from other Manchester area customers like yourselves. But if you need more information, have any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will give you professional advice. Talk to expert movers in Manchester by calling 07515651871 right now, we are available 24/7!

Thank you for considering AMS Removals to be your expert movers in Manchester for office moves, house moves, packing and everything else.

Let us know what you think of the moving tips and advice we share with you today.

Find out more about our expert movers in Manchester from our Frequently Asked Questions where we answer all the commonly heard FAQs that deals with house moves & office moves in the Manchester area and beyond.

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